It’s Shoe Love!

I have finally found some shoes that really get me. They work for fancy or dressed down and are eco friendly. The brand is Rothy’s and they are based out of the San Francisco area. I’ve got three pair now and have started sewing clothing specifically to go with my shoes.

Don’t mind my husband and dog in the background lol.

Last time I ordered I got 4 pair and kept the shoes that fit best.

I kept the jade loafers and mixed stripe rounds and will probably get a pair of points soon. I am a huge Arsenal soccer fan and the red camo points look great with all my Arsenal gear. Rothy’s have grown a huge following similar to the Tieks flats with Facebook fan groups where you can chat and mingle with other Rothy’s lovers and even buy, sell and trade shoes. If you are looking for a great shoe ladies, this is one to look into.

If you are a first time buyer feel free to use the code below to get a $20 discount on your first pair!

Rothy’s discount code

in space no one can hear the baby scream

The wife and I are debating methods for a cross-country trip. She wants to fly the 1200 mile trip and I wanna drive. She wins the financial standpoint because I have tons of delta sky miles (gold medallion status FTW!) and with what’s left get a rental car. But…we will have a ~11 month old daughter with us. I have been on planes with babies. Never my own, but it’s always hell. I can only imagine how much worse it will be when it’s my problem to deal with non-popping ears and general fussiness. I mentioned putting her in dog crate but then I was shown a video taken from the cabin of a plane where dogs in the cargo hold could be heard barking…so that’s out I guess.
Driving on the other hand is something I thoroughly enjoy doing cross-country… By myself. I have never tried it with a baby.

I fondly remember riding in the back of a suburban as a child, cheaply gallivanting around the small towns of america with my family. im assuming it was cheap because i was not aware of money at that age…and my parents are pretty cheap and they drove to all vacations so it must be cheap.

i drew the bear face, so i kinda had to add the rest too.

i drew the bear face, so i kinda had to add the rest too.

Travel fo’ Life

While I take my 20 minutes to shower each day I day dream of all the things I’d want in a dream life. Not the stupid ditzy girl answer like ahh i want to be married to George Clooney or Brad Pitt and want them to shower me with romance kind cause well blah. But shit that if given some real luck and work could maybe actually happen. Like to travel for a living. Maybe on a reality travel show. A mix between Rick Steves and a docu-series. Where we travel with our family and see things and make real travel mistakes and maybe you (the viewer) could learn from our mistakes. And we get paid enough to pay for the trips and our bills! And ross doesn’t have to deploy anymore! And we get to hang with our baby teaching her about the world and how the europeans eat their cheerios. Haha…

It would be really cool if sometimes it could be guided by awesome experienced travelers like Rick Steves, Samantha Brown or that chef, Rick Bayless. I mean I wouldn’t want to go to parts of Mexico without a guide cause with Ross along we’d surely get arrested or robbed but Rick Bayless would know where all the good food along the way is and could keep us out of the trouble spots.

I think we have enough “character” to hold our own on a travel docu-series. Just the other day in the car we were having a discussion, i don’t remember what it was about now (mom brain?) but i do remember it was funny and we said that it would have been great footage on a tv show…of our own. Plus, who is crazy enough to travel with a baby. I mean we’d have to get really good at co-sleeping or we’d have to get really good at pack-in-plays. It could be called “Babies on a Plane”. Like that movie, Snakes on a Plane only scarier haha…