It’s Shoe Love!

I have finally found some shoes that really get me. They work for fancy or dressed down and are eco friendly. The brand is Rothy’s and they are based out of the San Francisco area. I’ve got three pair now and have started sewing clothing specifically to go with my shoes.

Don’t mind my husband and dog in the background lol.

Last time I ordered I got 4 pair and kept the shoes that fit best.

I kept the jade loafers and mixed stripe rounds and will probably get a pair of points soon. I am a huge Arsenal soccer fan and the red camo points look great with all my Arsenal gear. Rothy’s have grown a huge following similar to the Tieks flats with Facebook fan groups where you can chat and mingle with other Rothy’s lovers and even buy, sell and trade shoes. If you are looking for a great shoe ladies, this is one to look into.

If you are a first time buyer feel free to use the code below to get a $20 discount on your first pair!

Rothy’s discount code

Beth’s Garbage Bags?…

It’s been about a million (or 2) years since either myself or Ross has posted anything so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  I have still been doing me in all this time I haven’t blogged.  Sewing, gardening, some exercising type things, occasionally making things with tools, photographing and mom-ing for a small wild gal and 2 Vizsla’s that all are in a constant attention needing competition.

Back in 2016, I was mostly sewing clothes for my little person and myself but boy this year I have stepped up my game.  My daughter’s preschool has mandatory fundraising and all those type of requirements so I for some reason ended up volunteering to make a purse for an auction they were having.  I had never made a handbag before but I had wanted to get into bag making.  Unfortunately, this typically requires heavy machinery which I didn’t have. So, I got myself a Sailrite Fabricator which would sew through my hand if I was stupid enough to test it out or terrible at sewing.  I found a pattern I really liked from Swoon patterns called the Brooklyn in the traveler size and cut out fabric for two bags.  I then proceeded to make the first.  It turned out like this.

Not bad for a first timer and I figured out my mistakes like don’t use blue chalk to mark your fabric because it will be there permanently.  Then I made this one for the auction.


I made it out of Pendleton fabric hoping that would bring a bigger price tag.  I thought it did alright selling for $165 although I hoped it would break $200.  Either way not a bad start and I got a new sewing machine out of it.

After this I wanted to make myself a new bag but my mom’s birthday was right around then so back to Swoon and I picked up the Glenda pattern and it turned out so nice. I might make myself one of these at some point.

img_8167   img_8169

Then my girl who is obsessed with all things dogs really was feeling left out so she got a doggy purse just her size. She likes to shove all her little toys in it and off to Costco we go. She will just hang out in the cart and play and I can actually get some shopping done without having to chase her all over the store! Sometimes.


After that, it was getting close to Mother’s Day and then someone at the preschool sent an email saying the week before was teacher appreciation week.  What? Like I love teachers, don’t get me wrong. But…how come I birthed this child, spend all my time keeping her alive and I only get a day but teachers get a whole week.  I pay a bunch of money for my kid to go to this preschool for 9 hours of peace per week! Ugh…but I do like my daughter’s teachers sooo… I found the Heidi pattern from Swoon and made these two bags.

Finally! I can’t think of anyone else to make something for beside ME! So, we have a trip coming up to Yosemite and I decide to make myself the Swoon Atlas rucksack. I do the usual and cut out fabric for two bags. I am busy getting everything ready for the trip the same week and only finish one of the bags which was my sample to make mistakes or figure out what I would like to change for my bag.


So, I took an old backpack I already had to Yosemite and this is what my bag currently looks like haha…  Hopefully, I will finish it soon.

In all of this I realized I really like bag making and maybe if I figured out how to own a business I would start a business sewing up bags.  Ross suggested I call my business Beth’s Garbage Bags. Thanks Ross!! If you have suggestions for a business name feel free to leave a comment!

If you were a rich man

If you were to find yourself one day

To have such a very long driveway

That “leaves of three, leave it be”

Helps you avoid all the poison ivy

On your cart ride to get the mail

Past your garage filled with boats that sail

through your maze of hedges so tall

around your pond and field for baseball

over your runway for landing your jet

and all the sherpas you got from Tibet

just remember when i lent you that dollar

don’t get stingy when i give you a holler.

Second First Post!

Ross and I are sharing this site cause we thought for some reason that it would be a good idea. When I told him I was thinking of starting a blog and we should share it was really just because then he could do some artwork and stuff on the site to spruce it up a bit. He’s the artist up in this place, although I’ve been known to take a good photo or two or three… I really just wanted a place to write down all my crazy ideas and thoughts that I think could make me rich if I knew how to actually make them happen.

That is the first thing to know about me…I am full of ideas. Starting hobbies is my hobby. I get super excited about something, read a bunch about it, buy all the stuff to start that hobby and then try it out for a couple weeks or months or years and then move on to something new. As a kid and then in middle school I was big into soccer. In high school I found out how competitive soccer was and decided to move to something new so I joined FFA where I showed cattle till I graduated. In college I started Kung Fu and got my black belt. Since then I’ve tried sewing, knitting and crocheting, I dabble some in photography, really enjoy following the British Premier League (go Arsenal!) and everything to do with traveling.

Over the last couple years I graduated from college and Ross and I moved from Texas up to the Pacific Northwest near Portland. We bought ourselves a house and had ourselves a baby. Now what?  That’s what I’m currently trying to figure out. Do I get a regular 9-5 and put our impressionable babbie with a stranger/s for most of the day or find a way to work from home?  Do I work part time when Ross isn’t at work and us not really see each other?  That’s a hard question I haven’t been able to find an answer to yet but I’m gonna have to do something soon.  I really wish with Ross’ art talent and ability to make pretty much anything I put my mind to (haha) and my bossiness we could own a successful business of our own and make all the monies.  How do I make that happen? hmmm….