It’s Shoe Love!

I have finally found some shoes that really get me. They work for fancy or dressed down and are eco friendly. The brand is Rothy’s and they are based out of the San Francisco area. I’ve got three pair now and have started sewing clothing specifically to go with my shoes.

Don’t mind my husband and dog in the background lol.

Last time I ordered I got 4 pair and kept the shoes that fit best.

I kept the jade loafers and mixed stripe rounds and will probably get a pair of points soon. I am a huge Arsenal soccer fan and the red camo points look great with all my Arsenal gear. Rothy’s have grown a huge following similar to the Tieks flats with Facebook fan groups where you can chat and mingle with other Rothy’s lovers and even buy, sell and trade shoes. If you are looking for a great shoe ladies, this is one to look into.

If you are a first time buyer feel free to use the code below to get a $20 discount on your first pair!

Rothy’s discount code

why dont you have a diaper and wipe ready?

big dumb white bear

stains abound with hair so fair

first the walrus blood all over the place

soon to you will have poop on your face

if only you read the useful baby books

you could have saved your handsome looks

now all the girls bears see the unfit dad

and you will be covered in a smell so bad

yeah, i like drawing bears more than babies.

yeah, i like drawing bears more than babies.

If you were a rich man

If you were to find yourself one day

To have such a very long driveway

That “leaves of three, leave it be”

Helps you avoid all the poison ivy

On your cart ride to get the mail

Past your garage filled with boats that sail

through your maze of hedges so tall

around your pond and field for baseball

over your runway for landing your jet

and all the sherpas you got from Tibet

just remember when i lent you that dollar

don’t get stingy when i give you a holler.