my dogs are terrible role models

so as my 8 month old daughter carts herself about the room in her walker while the dogs “play” around her, it occurs to me that my dogs would be terrible kids. Roux, the little old one, is obsessive about fetch and all fetch related things. the big dumb one, Liga, is obsessed with human attention/contact(like a normal dog right?).  here is the expansion on these qualities converted to humans:

Roux has a toy. she wants you to play with her toy too, but she will only let you touch it if you act like you don’t want it (no eye contact allowed for the release!). and when she sets the toy down for you, it will always be slightly outside arms-reach. and if you don’t pick it up immediately she will yell at you.

Liga does not have a toy. she does not care about toys…unless roux is playing with a toy, in which case liga wants that toy. and if Liga gets the toy away from roux and roux wont stop bugging her about it, liga will take the toy and leave it outside.

see what i mean? worst role models ever for human children to see.

they are super humorous as dogs but if i get a call from preschool saying Alice took someone’s toy and threw it outside because the kid wanted it back well… i know who to blame.

quietly she waits... also side note-first time using open source krita drawing program.

quietly she waits… also side note-first time using open source krita drawing program.

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