not good news

happy anniversary my love

oh what a fit, a metaphorical glove

the plans of the day were to be jolly

enough happy to carry with a dolly

too bad that load is instead made of poop

and we each got served a big brown scoop

the day started rainy and cold

premonition to what the day would hold

long-waited news finally arrived

it’s detriment to us can be survived

but oh what a bummer, a knock to the head

we will hang on, if only by a thread

stuck in our rut of patterns the same

its not a bad life, no need for shame

we were looking for our hopes to be higher

you say you’re content, i would call you a liar

back to the grind till the next window

maybe some insurance because of a tornado

together we will get thru anything

connected by that invisible string

if one of us falls and pulls that string tight

the other is there to pull them upright

i love you still 6 years later

you cant get rid of me without making a crater.

love you.

these are the best trees to draw. fun.

these are the best trees to draw. fun.

the TSA would ruin all romantic movies now days

just finished watching “sleepless in seattle” and that just goes to remind how much America has changed in the last 20 years. “home alone”, “rescuers down under”, “liar liar” to name a few off the top of my head that the TSA would crack some heads to stop the plot. Although im pretty sure Meg Ryan could get away with pretty much anything as long as all the officers are men…

good luck tackling that guy.

good luck tackling that guy.

why dont you have a diaper and wipe ready?

big dumb white bear

stains abound with hair so fair

first the walrus blood all over the place

soon to you will have poop on your face

if only you read the useful baby books

you could have saved your handsome looks

now all the girls bears see the unfit dad

and you will be covered in a smell so bad

yeah, i like drawing bears more than babies.

yeah, i like drawing bears more than babies.