in space no one can hear the baby scream

The wife and I are debating methods for a cross-country trip. She wants to fly the 1200 mile trip and I wanna drive. She wins the financial standpoint because I have tons of delta sky miles (gold medallion status FTW!) and with what’s left get a rental car. But…we will have a ~11 month old daughter with us. I have been on planes with babies. Never my own, but it’s always hell. I can only imagine how much worse it will be when it’s my problem to deal with non-popping ears and general fussiness. I mentioned putting her in dog crate but then I was shown a video taken from the cabin of a plane where dogs in the cargo hold could be heard barking…so that’s out I guess.
Driving on the other hand is something I thoroughly enjoy doing cross-country… By myself. I have never tried it with a baby.

I fondly remember riding in the back of a suburban as a child, cheaply gallivanting around the small towns of america with my family. im assuming it was cheap because i was not aware of money at that age…and my parents are pretty cheap and they drove to all vacations so it must be cheap.

i drew the bear face, so i kinda had to add the rest too.

i drew the bear face, so i kinda had to add the rest too.

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