great unexpectations

So i had to deal with both Comcast and AT&T customer support recently…and it was a pleasant and efficient experience both times. No joke. It really happened. I understood everything that was said to me first try and they gave me exactly the help i needed to fix my problem both times. it was the weirdest thing having such low expectations and getting surprised twice in one week. And get this: I came out of it not having spent a single cent for my trouble. crazy.

And to add to that i just had a ton (over half a pizza and breadsticks and a glass of chocolate milk) of gluten and dairy filled food today after not doing so for the last few months (for the safety of those around me) and more surprises: nothing. I have not filled the house with toxic gases or other assorted by-products of my weak digestive system. This has been a great week!

Plus my wacom intuos5 came in the mail today! did a quick “inspired” sketch of alice in her jumper before bed.

take me to your leader that is lactating.

take me to your leader that is lactating.

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