Soccer ladies

I’m sitting here with a sleeping baby in my lap and there just happens to be a Europa game on (hmm how’d that happen) so I guess I’ll just have to watch it. Some of these presenters really suck. Mostly Fox presenters. Especially the women they have on. It’s really irritating to me as a knowledgable soccer fan that could do great justice in the pre and post game stuff. They have some women reading from the prompter that probably don’t know anything actually about the sport. And they are obviously geared toward the men who are watching meat-head football because if their shirts were cut any lower or their skirts any higher they’d be on a different channel. Fox used to be awesome for soccer back when it had a dedicated channel and they showed sky sports. Now with these fox sports channels they have gone so down hill.

NBC has really seemed to step up their game though and even brought in a good female presenter in Rebecca Lowe. I googled her out of curiosity in how she got the job and she appears to have had an “in” in getting on tv initially but got to stick around cause she’s good at it. She actually seems interested in it too which helps for a better viewing experience. That seems like an awesome job to research and watch premier league or champions league or whatever league games and get to talk about transfers and relegations and all that. I might be terrible at keeping my opinion to myself and not being biased as a presenter though. Rebecca Lowe is british too so she sounds more knowledgable just because of that. I don’t think the opposite would work…like me trying to get a job presenting with my american accent on sky sports. It would be funny though. I know one thing though, I’d be better than the idiots in skirts on Fox Sports.


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