Stressed whispers for emphasis

The following should be read with a simulated whisper-voice in your head:
“Why did you give me 4 plates at once?! My arms are already shaky from the gym!” “Well I didn’t think you would try to hold them over your head so long! Sorry.” “Next time I’m gonna hand you 4 plates and see how you like it! I think this cabinet makes it seem louder even! Ugh! I don’t even care anymore if she wakes up, just get it out of the way.”

This was part of the conversation from last night while putting away the dishes. it was late and we were tired so it seemed really funny at the time. I was gonna post about not really meaning to get so tired at crossfit because normally after the workout (WOD) you can just lay on the floor and make sweat angels till your heart-rate returns to double digits but when you brought a baby to the gym with you and it chooses right then to be loudly finished being happy, you have to find that extra “10%” and get off the floor and make the pooper happy. This normally involves packing up and leaving the gym quickly so you can provide the proper setting to get the little monster to sleep. Its kinda nice because the only reason i go to a crossfit type gym is because i am very much so not a self-motivated-exercise-type-person and i require the shame of soccer-moms kicking my ass to get me moving towards success. Add a angry baby for a post-workout and im guaranteed some stellar abs in no time!

Well, i think my point was made somewhere in there so this post is over. i have a new wacom tablet in the mail as we speak so soon my post-post pictures are gonna improve drastically!

Jump baby jump! then move on to burpees!

Jump baby jump! then move on to burpees!

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