That baby again

Im no biologist or zoologist but im pretty sure if a baby mouse or lynx or whatever decided to scream all night another larger animal would find it and eat it (or at least smother it so it could sleep). This of course would be the job of the parent to prevent such things from befalling the little monster but if the baby could scream loud enough to bring the entire forest’s anger upon it the parent might not have many options available. A bear knocks on your little den by stomping the roof in and your fight or flight response would decide carrying the pooping noise-maker away with you would be suicide. this is all theoretical of course. we humans have not had to worry about baby screams attracting sabertooth tigers for a while so this argument is all moot. I guess the moral of the story is it’s a good thing alice is so cute and my only hope at support when im an old man…

Its a good thing Beth made me get some “practice” by owning a dog first. those little devils are more durable.

either let the baby nurse or i eat you both!

either let the baby nurse or i eat you both!

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