the stuff guys talk about when no one else is around

ok, to give you some context: i just got back from a Afghanistan deployment with a bunch of marines. Male marines. there was not one single female in the group i was with this time around. I hate to reference south park to such a broad and varied audience but it really does explain it the best. ( ) this video shows what it is usually like on a marine deployment. the “4” in america becomes a “10” overseas and it gives all the younger marines a center for all their attention. (and increases max dead-lift of all men in a 400 foot radius. haha) but anyway, i digress, getting back to the point, this trip there was no distraction so we had to all talk to each other and we came up with some interesting “truths”. One enlightened one i shared with the young’uns was really a sudden epiphany: if you are objectifying a woman completely, referring to her as an object (piece of meat in a sense) that means no matter what you say about “it”, it cant be taken as offensive. right? this came up because the squadron wanted a pin-up girl for their deployment patch design and i gave them one. then they made me make her less and less sexy. it was still objectifying a woman because that is all a pin-up can be, but the officers made me change a bunch of little details till it was a poor excuse of a pin-up and none of the contractors, myself included, even wanted a patch/shirt. i really like doing art/design work for a side job, but giving the customer what they want rather than what i think they need is really annoying. im the artist, just shutup and take the awesome i give you!

the 2 versions seen below should be obvious which is which…

the original pinup design.

the original pinup design.

the "fixed" version. i even had to alter proper anatomy to make them happy.

the “fixed” version. i even had to alter proper anatomy to make them happy.

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