First Post!

Totally a jerk thing to post in a comments section of someone else’s site, but hey! this one is mine so i think i qualify as a non-jerk here. Well, not really.

This is how it all begins: so my wife thought it would be cool start a blog. I’m sure deep down she thinks we can become rich and get free stuff from it, and as awesome as that sounds, my journey with a YouTube channel and a deviant art page, and even having a couple of shirt design online storefronts has shown me that ship has sailed. Don’t get me wrong. i’m totally on board. 12-18 year-olds now control what is popular online for the most part. Although pinterest has shown me that can’tbe true(30-45 year old housewives?). so let me rephrase: the part of the internet i like is controlled by teenagers…wow, that sounds lame when i say it out loud. Oh well, there is no accounting for taste and i like silly voices dubbed over minecraft videos i guess.

here is the first of many. It’s how im gonna make sure my posts are better than Beth’s. haha

"a fair fare from here to there."

“a fair fare from here to there.”